Monday, 31 December 2012

My New Year Resolutions: 2013

Hi everyone!

Happy last day of 2013! In the past few days, I've done some reflection on the whole year, and here's what I want to achieve in the next year:

1) Be a more assertive/open person

I'm not very good at asserting my own opinions and/or views. And my mum is totally not like that all. At times, I felt like it was ok to just be the quiet one, as long as it didn't invovlve any extra efforts. And I'm also a born-shy and always-in-the-shadows type of person. But since my mum is a really big part of my life, I look up to her in 1 way or another. Also, being more assertive can also help in my studies a lot in terms of not being afraid to ask questions, which also brings me to the next point:

2) Being A LOT MORE hardworking and be LESS LAZY

I need to totally BUCK UP and STUDY A LOT MORE and not just DURING FINAL WEEK. Lol. I think that's a lot of students' problem too.
3) More exercise and/or dance

I really need to exercise more for health's sake and I really reall REALLY love dancing. I danced ballet since I was 7, and recently stopped for 1.5 years and counting. I really really miss dancing, especially on stage. I love the feeling when you finish dancing and everybody applauses so loudly. It just feels so good and I really miss that feeling.

The last but certainly not the least,

4) Make many many MANY more new friends, especially in school

Happy new year everyone!

XOXO Rui Ting

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Doll to Doll Cosmetics 1 Month Anniversary Giveaway

Hi everyone!! I'm blogging to get extra entries for Doll to Doll Cosmetics 1 month anniversary giveaway!

Here's the link to the giveaway:

Happy Holidays everyone!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Nails of the Moment: Christmas Eve 2012

Hi everyone! I'm back with a new post; my current nails. I will call this series of posts " Nails of the Moment "

I painted my nails a nude colour with a really pretty shimmery top coat.

Can you see the pretty shimmers? It's really subtle but really pretty!

I used the Original Nail Envy from O.P.I as my base coat.

For the main colour, I used my mum's polish from Cosme, the colour is BA 842

Isn't the details on the cap sooo pretty? I love the intricate carvings!

The shimmery top coat I used is O.P.I's I Juggle.. Men. It's a really pretty topcoat that has really tiny micro shimmers reflecting blue and pink, suspended in a whitish-clear base. It's really pretty! I love it! It's a much cheaper alternative to YSL's La Laque Couture Premiere Neige Top Coat, as reviewed by Makeup Blogette, Sophia. ( ) 

To add some shine to my mani, I topped it off with my fav top coat: Seche Vite. It adds a wonderful shine and makes my nails dry in record time!

Thanks for reading! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Rui Ting XOXO

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas/ Birthday Wishlist 2012

Hey everyone!! I haven't blogged in forever!!! I've been busy... haha

Here's my birthday/ Christmas wishlist!

1) Jeffrey Campbell Skulltini loafers

2) Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX80 in White

3) Urban Decay

- Naked Skin Foundation

- Naked 1 & 2 Palette,default,pd.html,default,pd.html

4) A set of makeup brushes from Sigma

5) Le Teint Touche Eclat

6) Red by Taylor Swift (Target Exclusive)

Thank you for reading and merry christmas!!! (If we survive 21/12/2012 :D)

Rui Ting XOXO

All picturs taken from links provided by Google or from the links provided

Sunday, 9 September 2012

A weekend without my mum; I lost my mummy!

Hey readers! I needed somewhere to rant, so here goes!
My mum is off to Hong Kong for work for almost a week, up until Friday. Coincidentally, I have my marketing assignment due this Friday too. I told my mum before she left that I would need her help with my work. She gladly agreed but I totally forgot that she's gonna be away this whole week!!! I'm gonna need to burn the midnight oil for 2 whole nights straight again =( I normally stay up really late, but just cause I do not wanna sleep. But when I do stay up late because of my work, I get really tired and sleepy the next day. And my back aches like mad the next whole day. I wish my mum was here to help me!!
Ok, onto some really fun things that happen to me. Last week or so, I saw that Maybelline needed some people to do phone surveys, and will be given a goodie upon completion. So I signed up! ( Duh, free stuff!) And they called me!! Woohoo... One free goodie bag coming soon!!! Also, sometime ago, I entered Elizabeauty's VanityTrove giveaway ( view here: Openbox: August VanityTrove + Giveaway ) And guess what? I'M THE WINNER!!! WOOHOO!!!! I have never really won anything in my whole life, except that one time during the lucky draw for prom. This is my first "grand prize" win!!! Oh yeah!!! :D Also, Makeup Blogette recently had a blogsale, and I manged to buy a palette for my bestie's birthday from her. I was told it was sent on the 2 of September, but I haven't even received it after 3 working days! So I emailed back to ask about the status of my delivery. She replied saying that it just got delivered yesterday :/ But guess what, she added in a free palette just because of late delivery! Although I do not know what is it yet, but still, score!!! =D Also, on Friday, I met my sister after school to go window shopping. It's kinda embarrassing but I forgot to use a belt when I went out of the house, so when I was walking around, I literally had to hold up my shorts the whole time I was walking around. So I dragged my sister to help me look for a belt. We searched F21, Cotton On, random clothing shops, nothing! Before we met my mum for dinner, we headed to New Look for 1 last look. And they were having their Buy 2 Get 1 Free for every single thing in the whole store!!! So we rushed in to look for a belt. And I found a really cute one, that's red leopard :) And of course I had to pick 2 more items to take advantage of the offer. I found some really cute ribbon hair pins but couldn't find a 3rd item. So my sister was like " Just pick something for our auntie since there are so many items that are her style!" So I bent down to search through the racks of funny looking headbands in hope of seeing a nicer one for my auntie, and there it was. A really long necklace with a skeleton hanging on it. I normally don't go for "morbid" looking things, but this one was different. The eye socket holes (or whatever you call it) were heart-shaped! And it had really cute nostrils!! Haha LoL. I was so happy!! I just grabbed it and headed straight to the cashier. Normally when I tell my mum about my purchases, especially with her $$$, she goes mad. But this time, she didn't even scold me! She was indifferent! ( Not about the skeleton though. She hated it lol) And that's good enough for me :D
What an eventful weekend for me! I wish the good luck had continued though :/ Oh well! Love it while you still have it! If you want me to haul my "lucky" weekend, please let me know! I'll be glad to!
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Until next time! XOXO Rui Ting

Friday, 7 September 2012

August Haul =D

August Haul!!!
Hey everyone! I haven't done a blog post in a month or so. I have been really busy with the start of school lately. So... let's get started with my haul!
I got these beautiful nail polishes from SG Nails (Left to Right) A-England in Dragon, Jessica in Cloud Mine, and Jessica in Pixie Styx Pink. I got Pixie Styx Pink for my bestie. It's such a pretty colour!
Here's a swatch of Dragon:
And here's a swatch of Cloud Mine:
I got these Zoya polishes of Qoo10. They are a part of the Fleck collection if I'm not wrong.  
Here are some swatches: (Left to Right: the green one, the blue one, green one over Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, the blue one over Mint sorbet)
I bought the Majorica Maolica Automatic Eyeliner at the big Watsons member sale in the colour BL603.
Here are some swatches of the liner. It great for my oily lids. It doesn't smudge at all!
I got these necklaces from Qoo10 also. Cute ain't it?
I got this metallic whip eye colour from Red Earth's limited edition collection.
It's a really pretty rose gold!
I got these polishes from a bazaar in my school. Look at how they sparkle in the sunlight!!! ( As you can see, I'm a polish addict =D)
I ordered this Maybelline Color Tatto and Rimmel palette from Smoochiezz: =D
I ran out of lipbalm, so I bought this BabyLips. It smells really good!!! I'm gonna buy another 1 more to keep! It's super cute too!
Last one, the new Hypercosmos baked eyeshadow from Maybelline. I got it in the colour  PC-1.
Thanks for reading! If you want any reviews and/or swatches, just leave a comment! =D Follow me on Twitter: @RTlovesSelGomez and Instagram: @tonycyndi29.
XOXO Rui Ting :D

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Mini JB Haul

Hey hey hello everyone! Yesterday i went on a day trip to our neighbour Malaysia :) I was soooo excited but when we got to City Square mall, half of it was under renovation!!!!! :( We wanted to take a bus out to other shopping centres, particularly bus S1 (suggested by the guy in the tourism booth) but could find it after 15 mins of searching! So so sooo boring! :(

Nonetheless, I did buy a pair of shoes and 2 nail polishes (shared with mum). I bought another pair of jelly flats. I love jellies sooo much!! Including this pair, I'll have about 5/6 pairs! This pair I got from, of course, Vincci. These were in the sale bin. The colours they had were sooo cute! They had one in a Tiffany blue with a yellow bow, nude with a coral bow and a mustard yellow one too. I choose this coral one cause it's so summery and matches my skintone really well. Best of all, it costs only RM24.50 (slightly less than $10!) Woohoo!!!

The nail polishes are from a Korean makeup/skin care brand called It's Skin, never seen this in SG before. These 2 are under their luxury colour collection. Im not sure about the numbers of the colours though. You can see in the picture above that Im wearing the lighter colour on my fourth finger. It is a sheer grey colour with silver glitter that reflects as multi coloured, but mostly gold. It is sooo pretty! I will post a picture of the darker colour when I use it. The darker colour is much more opaque. The only 2 things I don't like about these polishes is the brush and the packaging. The brush is fairly thick, but opens up at the ends, which makes application really hard and streaky, so be careful and use a light hand when applying. The packaging is similar to Chanel packaging, the cap and bottle both are square and really sleek. But when you try to close it to the tightest, the alignment is totally off. Other than that, these polishes are really pretty. They cost RM19.90 each.

Since the City Square mall is under renovation until who knows when, I suggest planning to go somewhere else in JB to avoid disappointment, at least until next year after CNY.

Thank you so much for reading!

Rui Ting :D

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Haul! ASOS and more!!


Hi everyone! I'm finally back with another post, and this time it's a haul! Just a little disclaimer: I bought everthing with my own money, and this was definitely not bought all in a day. So let's get started!

I saw this Tony Moly nail polish on Intagram of and it looked so pretty! It is a sheer pink polish with pink, red and yellow glitters in it. So pretty! It costed $8.90, which is a really good price!

I swatched it on my index finger here with 2 coats. It's so pretty!!!

I was with my friend that day, and we decided to go into F21 to take a look and saw this really pretty gold collar necklace! And guess what, it only costs $11! What a steal! I expected it to cost >$15! My friend got exactly the same thing too!

On a side note, the nail polish and the F21 necklace is actually part of my birthday present from my friend! (BTW my birthday is not till the end of December!) We decided to give each other a birthday budget of $65 to get whatever we wanted! I love this idea! =D

I was with my aunt at Serangoon Nex before going to help my cousin out with her wedding preperations and I saw my favourite place to get my Essie polish: Smoochiezz!! Woohoo... I wasn't exactly planning to get anything because I have spent my whole budget for July. But I saw Bikini So Teeny and just had to have it!! =D I love Essie polishes soooo much!! They just look sooo super adorable! If I ever get to go to the US for holiday, I'm totally gonna a whole bunch of Essie polishes!

And here's a swatch of it on my thumb! It's such a pretty blu-ish lavender-ish colour!

Yesterday when I was on the way home from the gym, I passed by this new jewelry shop along the basement of Wisma Atria. It looks smiliar to Diva, but loads smaller. All the jewelry in the shop are just sooo cute!!! There was a particular section in the shop that was all rose gold jewelry! I love rose gold stuff! Everything looked super cute! Especially a pair of earrings. But I walked away because of my budget. :'( But the hairband had this really pretty rose gold hairband!! I grabbed it immdiately! And so I decided to get the earrings too!!

Look it! Ain't it pretty?!!?! :D

I also went into Topshop in Ion as a last stop before going home and saw this really cute set of rings!!! I totally couldn't resist!!!

This is how it looks on!! So absolutely adorable!

I got home to a surprise: my ASOS package was here!!! =D I was sooo excited because it's my first time ordering from ASOS!

It comes in a really nice box. ( I ordered a ring BTW)

It is also very prettily bubble wrapped.

And here's how it looks like!! Isn't it pretty?? =D Although I got a size L, it still is really small for my index finger =(  Lucky it looks good on my ring finger too! =) The quality of the ring is really good! The metal is really thick (which makes it extra tight) and the neon part is actually made of metal! I love the ring so much and will defenitely order from ASOS again :D

Rui Ting

Monday, 16 July 2012


Hi readers! Sorry for not posting for some time! There hasn't been much going on in my life. Bummer.
But i have a haul coming up soon! Stay tuned! :D

Rui Ting

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick

Happy July everybody! I'm back with a make up review!

I recently puchased the new Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick in 02 Natural. They only have 2 shades: 01 Light and 02 Natural. It is supposed to be the first BB stick that is 12 hour shine-free and has 8-in-1 benefits. (For the advert click here:

For the record, I have really oily skin and anything that I apply on my face will slide off really quickly and I will look shiny within the hour. When I heard Maybelline is coming up with an anti-shine BB stick, I was elated.

For starters, the packaging is super adorable! I got attracted just by the packaging! The formula of the stick feels creamy, but when applied to the skin, it has a powder finish. It is also really easy to spread only using fingers. And I am really happy with the result! It took away my oil completely, especially on my forehead where it is always super shiny! Even after about 5 hours of usage, my face still remained quite shine free!! I love it! This is definitely something I will repurchase!

Rui Ting =)

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Starbucks 1 for 1!! :)

Hey there!!! :) I saw from the Starbucks FB page abt the 1 for 1
for venti frappes for their promotional drinks : Green Tea with red bean and Hojicha with Earl Grey jelly. Of course i chose the Hojicha!!

It is actually roasted Japanese tea that tastes like brown rice!! So good!!! And also, the earl grey jelly tastes so fragrant! I've never had jelly that tastes like tea before and it's sooo delicious!!!!!!!!! I will definitely order this again! I hope they make it permanent though :/

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