Sunday, 9 September 2012

A weekend without my mum; I lost my mummy!

Hey readers! I needed somewhere to rant, so here goes!
My mum is off to Hong Kong for work for almost a week, up until Friday. Coincidentally, I have my marketing assignment due this Friday too. I told my mum before she left that I would need her help with my work. She gladly agreed but I totally forgot that she's gonna be away this whole week!!! I'm gonna need to burn the midnight oil for 2 whole nights straight again =( I normally stay up really late, but just cause I do not wanna sleep. But when I do stay up late because of my work, I get really tired and sleepy the next day. And my back aches like mad the next whole day. I wish my mum was here to help me!!
Ok, onto some really fun things that happen to me. Last week or so, I saw that Maybelline needed some people to do phone surveys, and will be given a goodie upon completion. So I signed up! ( Duh, free stuff!) And they called me!! Woohoo... One free goodie bag coming soon!!! Also, sometime ago, I entered Elizabeauty's VanityTrove giveaway ( view here: Openbox: August VanityTrove + Giveaway ) And guess what? I'M THE WINNER!!! WOOHOO!!!! I have never really won anything in my whole life, except that one time during the lucky draw for prom. This is my first "grand prize" win!!! Oh yeah!!! :D Also, Makeup Blogette recently had a blogsale, and I manged to buy a palette for my bestie's birthday from her. I was told it was sent on the 2 of September, but I haven't even received it after 3 working days! So I emailed back to ask about the status of my delivery. She replied saying that it just got delivered yesterday :/ But guess what, she added in a free palette just because of late delivery! Although I do not know what is it yet, but still, score!!! =D Also, on Friday, I met my sister after school to go window shopping. It's kinda embarrassing but I forgot to use a belt when I went out of the house, so when I was walking around, I literally had to hold up my shorts the whole time I was walking around. So I dragged my sister to help me look for a belt. We searched F21, Cotton On, random clothing shops, nothing! Before we met my mum for dinner, we headed to New Look for 1 last look. And they were having their Buy 2 Get 1 Free for every single thing in the whole store!!! So we rushed in to look for a belt. And I found a really cute one, that's red leopard :) And of course I had to pick 2 more items to take advantage of the offer. I found some really cute ribbon hair pins but couldn't find a 3rd item. So my sister was like " Just pick something for our auntie since there are so many items that are her style!" So I bent down to search through the racks of funny looking headbands in hope of seeing a nicer one for my auntie, and there it was. A really long necklace with a skeleton hanging on it. I normally don't go for "morbid" looking things, but this one was different. The eye socket holes (or whatever you call it) were heart-shaped! And it had really cute nostrils!! Haha LoL. I was so happy!! I just grabbed it and headed straight to the cashier. Normally when I tell my mum about my purchases, especially with her $$$, she goes mad. But this time, she didn't even scold me! She was indifferent! ( Not about the skeleton though. She hated it lol) And that's good enough for me :D
What an eventful weekend for me! I wish the good luck had continued though :/ Oh well! Love it while you still have it! If you want me to haul my "lucky" weekend, please let me know! I'll be glad to!
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Until next time! XOXO Rui Ting

Friday, 7 September 2012

August Haul =D

August Haul!!!
Hey everyone! I haven't done a blog post in a month or so. I have been really busy with the start of school lately. So... let's get started with my haul!
I got these beautiful nail polishes from SG Nails (Left to Right) A-England in Dragon, Jessica in Cloud Mine, and Jessica in Pixie Styx Pink. I got Pixie Styx Pink for my bestie. It's such a pretty colour!
Here's a swatch of Dragon:
And here's a swatch of Cloud Mine:
I got these Zoya polishes of Qoo10. They are a part of the Fleck collection if I'm not wrong.  
Here are some swatches: (Left to Right: the green one, the blue one, green one over Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, the blue one over Mint sorbet)
I bought the Majorica Maolica Automatic Eyeliner at the big Watsons member sale in the colour BL603.
Here are some swatches of the liner. It great for my oily lids. It doesn't smudge at all!
I got these necklaces from Qoo10 also. Cute ain't it?
I got this metallic whip eye colour from Red Earth's limited edition collection.
It's a really pretty rose gold!
I got these polishes from a bazaar in my school. Look at how they sparkle in the sunlight!!! ( As you can see, I'm a polish addict =D)
I ordered this Maybelline Color Tatto and Rimmel palette from Smoochiezz: =D
I ran out of lipbalm, so I bought this BabyLips. It smells really good!!! I'm gonna buy another 1 more to keep! It's super cute too!
Last one, the new Hypercosmos baked eyeshadow from Maybelline. I got it in the colour  PC-1.
Thanks for reading! If you want any reviews and/or swatches, just leave a comment! =D Follow me on Twitter: @RTlovesSelGomez and Instagram: @tonycyndi29.
XOXO Rui Ting :D