Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Catch Up + May 2015 Makeup Haul Part 1 - Sephora & Takashimaya

Hi all! Long time no blog! Things have been really busy since I last posted 2 years ago! Time flies doesn't it! I was still studying at university then! Busy with studies, exams, and extra curricular activities, I finally graduated last year! *raise the roof whoop whoop* No more studying forever!!!

I found my (first) full-time job just after my exams ended in May last year. As I wanted to end my schooling years with a bang, I signed up to help out in one of my school camps. Keep in mind I sgned up for this before I knew I was going to start work soon. Because of the camp prep, I was kind of in and out of work. As a result, with many other (very unpleasant) factors, I left the job. It was not a good fit for me, and I did not want to carry on there anymore. After 2-3  months of searching, I found THE ONE (a job I mean). Needless to say, I am happily employed at my first full-time job :D 

Enough with all the blabber, now on to the exciting stuff. I recently went crazy shopping for makeup. (When have I ever not been crazy about makeup? LoL)  Both online and physical shopping. SO MANY NEW THINGS I NEED TO TRY. Stay tuned next week for the next half of my online shopping spree! (**hint hint: it involves ColourPop and Aritaum!!!) 

There was a 20% Sephora Black Card Private Sale last week from 13 to 16 May if I'm not mistaken. They had one of these last year too, but was not as crowded. I bought my things on Thursday at the Bugis+ outlet, which was not crowded. I wanted to get more stuff at the Ion outlet on Saturday, and the queue was crazy long. I gave up even trying to browse around after like 5 minutes. (From the cashier inside, all the way to the door! There must be like at least 50 people in queue! How is it a Private Sale when there are like hundreds of people perceptually in the store???)

Anyway, here's what I got from Sephora @ Bugis+:

Tarte CC Undereye Corrector - Light-Medium
Clinique Cheek Pop Bluch Pop - 01 Ginger Pop
Marc Jacobs Highliner - (Luna)tic
Marc Jacobs Highliner - (Obey)ge

The Tarte Concealer is a repurchase! This is the second one I'm using. It took the place of the other undereye/highlighting concealer I had, which was the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind. I got to know of this awesomeness through the beautiful AmeliaLiana on Youtube. Love her channel and her blog! You can view her blog here.

I already own one of the Cheek Pops in Peach Pop. Love the colour and pigmentation of these Clinique blushes! This is the first Clinique product I've ever owned, and am excited to try more in the future! I've seen many other blogs and Youbtubers talking about the Spring-Summer 2015 new colour releases for these Cheek Pops and they are all soooo pretty!!! I do hope they launch in on our sunny island of Singapore, I really want to own all the colours! I especially love the shade Cola Pop! (See Cola Pop on Temptalia here)

I've heard that the Marc Jacobs liners were pretty good. After swatching a few of them, I fell in love with these 2 shades and decided to get them during the sale. Score :)

Here's what I got at Takashimaya during their sale last week. P.S. sorry I couldn't rotate the photos upright! Bear with me!

YSL Tint in Oil - 6
Bobbi Brown Lipgloss - Pink Pop
Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Macscara
Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow - Candlelit

After hearing FleurdeForce talking so much about the YSL Tint in Oil, (see her blog post here), I decided to get one too! Fleur mentioned that it was super moisturising, which instantly got me hooked. I HATE having dry and cracked lips, it hurts and annoys me like crazy! I swatched it before when I was walking around in Tangs. It had a lovely smell, and even though the colour was really sheer, I just wanted to make it work. I rubbed the swatch all over my hand after I was done with the swatching, and it made my hand feel so moisturised! Hooked I was! If it wasn't for the price tag, I would have gotten a few more :P

I always liked cream shadows. While waiting for my mother at the Bobbi Brown counter, I swatched a few of their cream shadows, and decided to get this colour. It looked really pretty swatched, and I love cream shadows and they are quick and easy to use. Looking forward to using it!
The lipgloss and mascara was given to me by my mother, which was a gift with purchase at Bobbi Brown. I've tried their lipgloss once, way too sticky for my liking, When my hair sticks to the lipgloss, and I pull my hair out, it will kind of leave a trail of lipgloss on my hair. Ew. But looking at the pretty colour and the pretty packaging, I'm going to give it another try. I've never tried their mascaras, looking forward!

I have not used any of these products yet, but if  anybody wants swatches or a review of any of the items, just leave a comment, and I might do as you wish. :)
I've missed blogging, gives me such satisfaction when readers comment. It's like making new friends, such fun! I'll try my best to have a post up more often to keep the momentum going.

Have a great week ahead everyone!

XOXO Rui Ting <3