Friday, 1 February 2013

New Polishes of Jan 2013/ NOTM

Hey everyone! Hope that the first month of 2013 has been treating you well!

Now on to the fun stuff :) Here are my recent nail polish purchases!! 

I recently got this Nicole by OPI polish from Watsons called A Gold Winter's Night. It's kinda like a clear base with tiny lilac coloured glitter, and gold, lilac, blue and green long glitters suspended. Super pretty and a lot cheaper than normal OPI polishes at $12.90!

The next polish you see here is Butler Please by Essie. It is from their Winter 2012 collection. It is such a pretty periwinkle electric blue, if I described it correctly. The pictures I took with my camera here completely does not do the colour justice AT ALL. But anyway, here's a pic with flash: 

And one without flash, under indoor lighting.

And here's how the blue is supposed to look like (3rd from the left) :

And here's me wearing it (with flash):

This next one is China Glaze's Dynasty. I got it at a bazaar in school for only $5 :D It's a sheer pinkish-red base with silver glitters in it. Suuuper pretty. It totally caught my eye in the sunlight. haha

I ordered 2 polishes from Smoochiezz from OPI, and they are from the OPI X Mariah Carey Collection. Photo here:

They actually came out with 8 colours in total, with 4 of them with a new "liquid sand" formula. The 2 colours I ordered are both liquid sand. This one is in Can't Let Go:

This one is in Stay The Night:

I've tried swatching these yesterday, and they dry matte, and really feels like sand on your nails!!! So cool!! I will post a NOTM once I've used it.

And here are the last 5 of my polishes. These are from Julep's Winter 2012 Collection. I saw good reviews of Julep online and so went ahead and ordered them. 

I will try to post NOTMs when I've used these. 

Have a happy Febuary and CNY for those who celebrate! Thanks for reading!

Rui Ting XOXO