Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Haul! ASOS and more!!


Hi everyone! I'm finally back with another post, and this time it's a haul! Just a little disclaimer: I bought everthing with my own money, and this was definitely not bought all in a day. So let's get started!

I saw this Tony Moly nail polish on Intagram of memoiselle.com and it looked so pretty! It is a sheer pink polish with pink, red and yellow glitters in it. So pretty! It costed $8.90, which is a really good price!

I swatched it on my index finger here with 2 coats. It's so pretty!!!

I was with my friend that day, and we decided to go into F21 to take a look and saw this really pretty gold collar necklace! And guess what, it only costs $11! What a steal! I expected it to cost >$15! My friend got exactly the same thing too!

On a side note, the nail polish and the F21 necklace is actually part of my birthday present from my friend! (BTW my birthday is not till the end of December!) We decided to give each other a birthday budget of $65 to get whatever we wanted! I love this idea! =D

I was with my aunt at Serangoon Nex before going to help my cousin out with her wedding preperations and I saw my favourite place to get my Essie polish: Smoochiezz!! Woohoo... I wasn't exactly planning to get anything because I have spent my whole budget for July. But I saw Bikini So Teeny and just had to have it!! =D I love Essie polishes soooo much!! They just look sooo super adorable! If I ever get to go to the US for holiday, I'm totally gonna a whole bunch of Essie polishes!

And here's a swatch of it on my thumb! It's such a pretty blu-ish lavender-ish colour!

Yesterday when I was on the way home from the gym, I passed by this new jewelry shop along the basement of Wisma Atria. It looks smiliar to Diva, but loads smaller. All the jewelry in the shop are just sooo cute!!! There was a particular section in the shop that was all rose gold jewelry! I love rose gold stuff! Everything looked super cute! Especially a pair of earrings. But I walked away because of my budget. :'( But the hairband had this really pretty rose gold hairband!! I grabbed it immdiately! And so I decided to get the earrings too!!

Look it! Ain't it pretty?!!?! :D

I also went into Topshop in Ion as a last stop before going home and saw this really cute set of rings!!! I totally couldn't resist!!!

This is how it looks on!! So absolutely adorable!

I got home to a surprise: my ASOS package was here!!! =D I was sooo excited because it's my first time ordering from ASOS!

It comes in a really nice box. ( I ordered a ring BTW)

It is also very prettily bubble wrapped.

And here's how it looks like!! Isn't it pretty?? =D Although I got a size L, it still is really small for my index finger =(  Lucky it looks good on my ring finger too! =) The quality of the ring is really good! The metal is really thick (which makes it extra tight) and the neon part is actually made of metal! I love the ring so much and will defenitely order from ASOS again :D

Rui Ting

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  1. hi Rui Ting,
    I love Bikini so Teeny and Tony Moly glitter polish a lot :) they are really cute :)