Saturday, 29 August 2015

Note to Self #2: Do not be a coward.

Note to Self #2: Do not be a coward.

Calling someone a coward is a really strong accusation. By "coward" I don't mean like not wanting to go on a roller coaster because you are scared of heights and falling (Confession : that would be me >.<). By "coward" I mean not speaking up and/or owning up just because you want to avoid the consequences.

At the point of heat, not saying anything might seem like a good thing. But literally not answering anything on the topic of argument AT ALL, is just plain escaping responsibility. It does not mean that by replying, you are admitting defeat. The person just needs answers, or they need to hear your side of the story before being able to calm down.

It just angers me when I get angry at you, demanding for an answer; it shows that I genuinely like you enough for me to me to even get angry at you at all. By not responding, it makes things even worse because I do not get any sort of answer from you, it angers me even more.

Shirking responsibility is the worst thing anyone can do. I was taught from young to always be a responsible person, I absolutely hate it when someone shirks responsibility. How do you expect someone to ever trust you with anything if you never want to own up to anything? Taking responsibility helps you to realise your own mistakes, so you can learn from them and better yourself as a person. Not only on the bad parts of life, by taking responsibility for the good parts of life, you also learn more on the good parts of yourself that you never knew. Others will learn to take you more seriously with everything you do. 

I have also been a coward at times, but I am also slowly learning more about myself everyday by learning to own up to my mistakes.

Lesson to learn today: Be responsible for everything that you do, learn from your achievements and mistakes.


Rui Ting

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