Sunday, 16 August 2015

Note to Self #1 : Do not be a selfish hypocrite.

Note to Self #1 : Do not be a selfish hypocrite.

Hi everyone, I decided that I'm going to start this series on my blog called "Note to Self", wherever I come across things that I dislike about other people or myself, I can write it down to vent my frustrations, and also to put a reminder out there for myself to look back and remind myself not to be someone that I hate.

Ok, so as the title suggests, today's Note to Self is going to be on the topic of :
"Do not be a selfish hypocrite". 

I'll admit, I've been a hypocrite to others many more times than I remember. However, it will never be for reasons that might actually hurt someone's feelings (at least from my point of view it doesn't). If I have ever hurt anyone unintentionally with my words, I apologise. I'm the type of person that expects the same of everyone as I do myself; hence I would not expect them to feel hurt if I do not myself. Even if I do intentionally want that person to get hurt, I expect them to forget about it really quickly, as I do myself.

More often than not, I get thrown one side of an argument at me one day, only to come back the next day and have the other side of the argument thrown back at me just because the other party wanted things to go their way. For example, I was told not to see the worst in people, which made total sense at the time, so I accepted the comment as it was handed to me. The next day however, that statement was turned on me; I became the worst person in the eyes of another. Why do that?? It is not the first time I've been stuck in situations like this, only to be told off that I am just being picky and ... just being difficult. I'm not being picky if it happens on a regular basis. The more I look st it, the more it just seems like pure manipulation.

I really do not want to turn into that person that does these types of things. I want to achieve something because I earned it with my own abilities, using the right methods, and not stoop down to manipulation to get what I want. 

Lesson to learn today: Use the right ways to get what you want. 


Rui Ting

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