Tuesday, 22 May 2012

HK Haul part 1

HK Haul part 1

I'm back from HK!!!!! OMG the shopping there is so awesome!!! I bought sooo many things!! So so many things.. I was disappointed with some things that I was waiting to find, like NYX cosmetics @ Ginza Plaza, Mongkok. It was just a tiny little shop with totally NO lip products at all!!! I was so waiting to buy their lipsticks. Oh well, I will have to wait for more (Smoochiezz) events to buy more... Meanwhile, here are the non-clothing items I bought for myself there =)

This is an overview of all the non-clothing items I got for myself =)

I wanted this pink-brown eyeliner from Sasa a really long time ago. When I saw it selling at a shop called Log-On, especially when it's about $4 cheaper, I freaked and bought it immediately!!! When I got back to my hotel room and opened it up, I was so disappointed because it wasn't the one I wanted!!! I wanted the liquid pink-brown eyeliner, not the pencil one!!! I was so mad at myself!!! But oh well, I still can use it anyway, the colour of the eyeliner was what I liked, not too harsh looking on the eyes.

And I also got myself another of Maybelline's Jelly Glow Blushes because it costs S$9+ whereas in Singapore it costs $14.90!!! Of course I had to get another one! I wanted the brown one but got the peach coloured one by mistake but it's ok, the colour's pretty too!! I love these blushes. I've been waiting for it to come out in Singapore ever since I saw Bethany from Youtube use it. But I was really disappointed when it came out last month as it launched in Asia with only 4 colours whereas in the US they have 10 shades, and it's called Dream Bouncy Blushes instead of Jelly Glow. I think I'm gonna get my cousin who might be coming back from the US in September to get some for me!! =)

I saw this Hello Kitty hand cream at Log-On, but I was thinking whether to get it cause I already have a hand cream. I decided to get it cause it was just to darn cute!!! Isn't it??!!

The first time I saw this polish was on the Instagram of Linsey (beautybaby44 on Youtube) and it looked so super pretty!!! I sooo wanted to get it but I didnt know how! When we were walking along in iSquare Shopping mall, we walked past this nail polish shop, selling all the brands we don't have in Singapore!!! Like Orly, Butter London, Deborah Lippmann etc. I was soo excited and immediately went in after we got dinner. The salesperson was going on and on and on about the Orly top coat that can last for 2 weeks, she was so damn annoying!!! If she wasnt so annoying I would have got more nail polishes from Orly and prolly Butter London. But she was rattling on and on that I got so irrittated that I just bought this colour and went straight out. She was annoying me so much that I couldn't convert the currency properly in my head to realise that it costs slightly over $30... I almost fainted... After this purchase, I totally didn't feel like using my money for anything else at all. But come to think of it, it's worth its costs cause it's ultra pretty and unique and Singapore doesn't carry this brand!!! So I'm happy =)

I have never bought any Revlon nail polishes before, this is my first, and so was the previous one. I was going through the nail polish "bins" at Sasa and found this polish that looks sooo pretty. It reminds me of cupcakes and birthdays and girly things. And the best part, it only costs HKD25 = less than S$5!!! Cha-ching!! =)

I found this supposedly M.A.C. limited edition, few years ago Hello Kitty collection sold at Ginza Plaza in one of the shops that rented boxes to people to sell their things. I do not know whether it's an authentic M.A.C. product, but it's my favourite kitty, and it only costs about S$3+, why not?

And you do not know how excited I was to find that the Langham Place shopping centre had a Nars shop because Singapore does not carry Nars!!! I straight away looked for the Laguna bronzer that every Youtube guru raves about. But at first look, didn't think it was that awesome. When I swatched it on my hand, it looked so gorgeous!! But I didn't want to invest in a bronzer now. So I was looking at their lip glosses and saw this really pretty colour (even through the matte packaging it was still really pretty!) and to my amaze, it was the Orgasm colour! Many Youtube gurus also rave about the Orgasm colour in blush form, and the lip gloss looked really pretty too!! I saw this on the first day, but didn't want to buy it yet 'cuz it costs about a good S$35. I thought about it, and bought it on the last few hours of our trip because I didn't manage to get the Steve Madden shoes that I wanted so badly; they just didn't fit right =(. If the nail polish saleslady didn't keep bugging me, I would have bought more than 1 nail polish there and actually feel happy about it the moment I bought it and not brood about how expensive it costed and not feeling like buying anything else after that. I'm still happy with my nail polish anyway!! =)

This is the end of my non-clothing HK haul, although I bought more than this =) I bought a tiny sample sized perfume with a really cute bottle to give to my cousin, another Hello Kitty cream for my cousin, sweets with the face of a sumo wrestler on it, and a really kawaii Hello Kitty tin that had chocolate in it =) I will post my clothing + accesories and photos soon! =)

XOXO Rui Ting

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