Monday, 14 May 2012

A few of the first 160 photos taken using my 8MP camera on my phone

Hi everyone! I wanna share some of my photos that I took with my new phone, makes me feel like such a pro!! hehe.. Here goes..!!

This is a photo of my almost 10 year old little doggie!! Say hi to Woofy!!! i put my specs on him. he looks adorbs doesn't he?? =)

This is in Botanic Gardens, near the swan lake. SOOOOO pretty!!!! =)

And this was just a few days ago, trying to clear out and sort out allll my bags. what a hugggeee mess!!!

I tried this eyeliner out @ Sasa, it's so pretty!! I wanna get it soon if i can find it in HK at a lower price. (i hope so!!)

Look at these reallly skinny+adorbs jeans from River Island!! Even if i could fit into them, they r wayyy tooooo expensive!! $93!!

And last but not least, these are my wonderful secondary school friends. My face kinda got cut off haha #canwhorefail. We are going to HK together in like 3 days time!!! So excited TTM!!! I have been thinking about what i am going to buy there ever since Monday last week!! i will definitely do a haul on the things i got from HK. I CANNOT WAIT!!! SOOO EXCITED!!! finally get to go on a holiday with my beloved friends!!! Love you girls so much!!!

Im also going to go to Mustafa with my sister on wednesday, have only been there once, quite excited to go there again. It's like a window shopping heaven!!! =D

XOXO, Rui Ting

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