Sunday, 17 June 2012

Mini M.A.C. Haul!

Mini M.A.C. Haul!

Hey everyone! My mum finally agreed to buy makeup items for me, and it's from M.A.C! How exciting! Previously she also bought a Chanel lip gloss for me at the Taka sale =D :

Look at how pretty it is!!! It is their lip gloss (glossimer) in number 168 Desir. It is sooo bright pink in person!! The picture doesn't even do it justice!

Ok now into the haul. These are the 3 items I got:

She allowed me to get these items cuz she had Tangs beauty vouchers that could only be used 1 voucher apiece... Hence 3 items!

The first item that I had been eyeing from a while from looking at . The yellow nail polish caught my eye immediately! It is such a pretty creamy yellow colour! I believe it is from the Beth Ditto X M.A.C. collection =)

The next item is just mascara. The salesguy was just introducing my mum their bestseller (for mascara) which is the Extended Play Lash, and it wasn't very expensive, so she bought to let me try it out. The packaging is really cute too!!

And here's how the wand looks like:

The last item is this Casual Colour. I think it's one of M.A.C.'s newest products. It can be used as a lip and cheek colour. My mum and I chose the colour Weekend Getaway. I wanted the lighter peachy colours but my mum said it wouldn't show up too well on my lips. So I ended up choosing this colour. =)

With flash:

Without flash:

And that's all I got!! Quite excited to use these items!! Especially the casual colour!

XOXO Rui Ting =)

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